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Deciding what to feed your baby is crucial because this is the time that they will develop a healthy diet and good eating habits. Parents should provide the best baby foods possible to ensure optimum nutrition and development of their babies. Here’s a list of baby foods that you might want to take note of especially if you’re a new parent and your baby is starting to eat mashed or solid foods.


Make sure to incorporate leafy green vegetables especially Kale because it’s nutrition densed and fantastic source of iron.

leafy green vegetables


Lentils are a great source of protein. Start feeding your baby with lentils when he or she is 7 or 8 month and make sure to incorporate it regularly. lentils


Fish has a great source of Omega-3 and healthy fats. When you shop, choose a wild cut fish over a farm raised.



Berries are excellent source of anti-oxidants while apples are rich in fiber and good for digestion.



Zucchini or any type of squash are a great source of beta-carotene.



A great source of healthy fats and loved by babies!



Sweet potatoes are great source of beta-carotene, good for the eyes and immune system.

Sweet potato


A perfect on the go snack and rich in potassium.



It’s always available in season and lot of nutritional benefits like good source of anti-oxidants and it’s very important to incorporate different flavors in your babies’ healthy diet.


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DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas

Courtesy of: SaraBeautyCorner – Nails and Nail Art Designs, DIY, Fashion & Makeup Tutorial

Learn the 10 amazing and creative DIY gifts card ideas for Christmas, Valentines Day and Birthdays.

The first card idea is a cute whale made with a balloon. This one is very versatile as you can write a personalized message on it depending on the occasion. Perfect card to give as a present to your best friend for his or her birthday.

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas


The second DIY gift card idea is a cute Minion from the movie Despicable me. All you need are yellow, black and white cardboard paper. If you want you can make the eyes from the cardboard paper, or you can stick on some googly eyes. This card can be used for a birthday, Valentine’s or just any day and is again perfect present for your best friends!

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas


A lovely Valentine ’s Day gift can be a candle card. Stick a few of birthday candles on the card and write on a quote You light up my life. This beautiful card can be a great little detail for best friend, boyfriend or a family member.

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas


This DIY Gifts Cards ideas tutorial continues with a Christmas card perfect for the season. I make a colorful Christmas tree from pipe cleaners and buttons. I love how unique and creative this one looks. This is also suitable for anyone – Boyfriend, friends or family!

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas


Who doesn’t love lollipops?! I show how to make some wings from paper which combined with a lollipop form a cute butterfly. Add a lovely quote on top and you have an adorable gift idea for your best friend or boyfriend. This can be used as a card or as a tiny sweet gift itself.

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas


A very cute DIY card for birthday is one using buttons as balloons. I added some white fluffy clouds so that balloons can sail by as floating in the sky. This is one of the cards perfect for a birthday, graduation or other celebration occasions. For best friend, mom, dad or brother.

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas


Another Christmas card idea is a pretty gift card with presents (gifts), made from tube beads. All you have to do is glue the beads in a square shape on the card. You get a unique textured 3d gifts card!

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas


If you don’t have much time a simple stone card is a great idea! Draw a smiley face on a stone and stick it on the piece of cardboard. Add a note: U rock my world! You have an adorable card for your boyfriend, best friend or parents. This could be a cute little gift for Valentines day too!

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas


We all love Olaf from the movie Frozen, right? In the tutorial I show how to make a beautiful winter card with Olaf and sparkly snowflakes. Add your favorite Olaf quote and you have a lovely card, which you can give to your friends for Christmas or birthdays.

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas


Another great holiday card idea is one including reindeers made from a peanut shell. This one is super easy to make but looks so adorable. Draw eyes and a red nose on the peanut shell, stick it on the card and draw ears and horns. You get a cute little Rudolf!
DIY gift ideas – cards is a perfect tutorial for all you crafty souls, who want to make something unique and pretty for the ones you love. I hope you will give these card ideas a try! Make sure to check out my present wrapping and gift wrapping tutorials for more ideas.

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas

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9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks

Courtesy of: BuzzFeedYellow

Check out baby tips and hacks in this video.

1 Bibs have a mind of their own

Grab a hook, stick it on, hang some bibs

9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks

2 How do you keep a baby calm during a nighttime diaper change?

Use a night light

9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks

3 Tablet + smartphone = Baby monitor

9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks

4 You can never have enough diapers, so consolidate

Vacuum seal

9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks

5 Ever feel like your baby is more organized than you?

A diaper bag for each car will do the trick

9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks

6 Kids aren’t the only ones that need a change

So pack an extra shirt mom

9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks

7 Got gas?

Bring their right leg to their belly, then the left, then both legs. Fart machine

9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks

8 New teeth hurts

So, make popsicles with fruit juice

9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks

9 It’s hard to make a baby sleep

Record their favorite sound – hair dryer mix-tape

9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks