More Time Enjoying Your Food, Less Time Cleaning Up – Best Microwave...

More Time Enjoying Your Food, Less Time Cleaning Up – Best Microwave Cover For Food Splatter Guard!

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Save Yourself From Microwave Food Splatter! Check out how with the BEST Vented Microwave Food Cover Splatter Guard

Save your sanity. Save your microwave! Why suffer from all that mess when you can save yourself from all that food splatter and have more time enjoying your food. Save time cleaning up with the best microwave food cover splatter guard. Cooking is easier with microwave cover for food that warms food faster, high-dome cover, BPA free, dishwasher safe and most importantly splatter free!

FITS STANDARD PLATES – Great microwave food cover for microwave to keep your microwave clean from food splatter. Fits best with standard dinner plates – 10.5 diameter x 3.5 height

EASY TO CLEAN – Our microwave cover dishwasher safe is easy to clean with just soap or water or top rack in dishwasher.

HIGH DOMED SPLATTER COVER with VENTED STEAM RELEASE – The microwave dish cover is high enough to not touch your food. The microwave cover with handle is easy to lift in and out of the microwave oven and is a must have for cookware for microwaves. Our microwave splash cover comes with vented top to open to release steam and close to keep food warm.

Microwave Cover

BPA FREE MICROWAVE PLATE COVER – Lab tested and certified microwave cover no BPA.

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