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DIY Mugs are one of the best choices to give someone as a gift for special occasions since you personally made it for them and has more meaning to it and oh well, you can also customize it for yourself. Here’s a tutorial on how to customize a mug.

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All you need is a bunch of Sharpie Markers in different colors. A clean mug. And stickers or you can also improvise it using a tape if you don’t have one.


Stick the stickers in the mug. You can put any letter in the mug. It can be your or the other person’s name, initial, or a short simple message.

After sticking your chosen letters, you can now proceed in putting dots around the letter.

s9You can put a lot of dots in you mug until you feel satisfied with it.

If you’re done. You can now peel the stickers carefully.


Put the mug in an oven so the heat will seal the mark on your mug.


Put it on 350 degrees.


When it’s done, get the mug in the oven then let it cool in a safe place. Don’t forget to turn off the oven~!


Let it cool by itself. And here’s the finish product! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Here’s the link  for this video. Thanks again!